Greenland Controversy Continues as Trump Cancels Copenhagen Trip, Calls Danish PM ‘Nasty’

The controversy over U.S. President Donald Trump abruptly postponing his trip to Copenhagen continues, as he criticized Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, calling her “nasty” and “inappropriate.” The Danish leader had rebuffed Trump’s overture to buy Greenland, the Arctic country that is part of the kingdom of Denmark. White House correspondent Patsy Widakuswara has the story.

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Trump Insists Democrats are ‘Bad’ for Israel

U.S. President Donald Trump again insisted American Jews should vote Republican because voting for a Democrat would show ignorance or a lack of loyalty. His original statement was part of an attack on four Democratic lawmakers, of whom two are not allowed to visit Israel, apparently at his behest. Many American Jews say Trump’s questioning of their loyalty is akin to a historical trope that has fed xenophobia against Jews. VOA’s Zlatica Hoke reports Israelis’ reactions to Trump’s remarks.

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Inslee Ends Bid for Democrats’ Presidential Nod

OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON – Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who made fighting climate change the central theme of his presidential campaign, announced Wednesday night that he was ending his bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination.  
Inslee announced his decision on MSNBC, saying it had become clear that he wouldn’t win. He has kept the option of running for a third term as governor open throughout his presidential campaign but didn’t immediately say what his political plans were.  
Inslee, 68, became the third Democrat to end his presidential bid after U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell of California pulled out of the primary last month, followed by former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper last week.  
While Inslee had qualified for the first two presidential debates this summer, he struggled to gain traction in the crowded Democratic field and was falling short of the requirements needed to appear on two high-profile stages next month: the third DNC debate in Houston and a CNN town hall focused on climate change, Inslee’s key issue.  

Low poll ratings
He had recently hit one of the markers — 130,000 unique donors. But he had yet to reach 2% in any poll and would have needed to hit that level of support in four qualifying polls.  
Inslee is a former congressman and served as Democratic Governors Association chairman in 2018, when the party flipped seven Republican-held gubernatorial seats. He kicked off his campaign in March in Seattle, standing in front of a blue-and-green campaign logo with an arc of the Earth, declaring climate change the nation’s most pressing issue.  
Inslee was a champion for the clean-energy industry in Congress and wrote a book on the topic. And he’s pushed for state policies to curb greenhouse gas emissions blamed for global warming. On the day he announced his presidential bid, the state Senate passed a key piece of his legislative climate agenda, a measure that seeks to eliminate fossil fuels like natural gas and coal from the state’s electricity supply by 2045. The measure, later passed by the House and signed by Inslee in May, made Washington the fourth in the nation to establish a mandate to provide carbon-free electricity by a targeted date. A few additional states have enacted legislation related to clean energy requirements since May, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.  
In addition to pushing for a dedicated debate on climate change, Inslee’s campaign has been rolling out climate proposals, including calling for the nation’s entire electrical grid and all new vehicles and buildings to be carbon pollution free by 2030. He’s also proposed a clean break between the federal government and the fossil fuel industry, ending tax breaks for oil companies and banning all drilling and extraction on federal lands and beneath federal waters. 
Inslee released his sixth and final climate proposal, a plan focused on agriculture and farmers, hours before he announced he was dropping out of the race.  

Thanks to supporters
In a video released Tuesday on Twitter, Inslee thanked supporters for helping him pass the 130,000 individual donor mark.  
“Together we have put the climate crisis front and center in the 2020 race,” he said. “And thanks to you, every candidate knows they have to have a robust plan to defeat the climate crisis.” 
Governors in Washington state aren’t subject to term limits, though most haven’t served more than two terms. The last three-term governor in Washington was Republican Gov. Dan Evans, who served from 1965 until 1977.  
While the filing deadline for the state’s 2020 elections isn’t until next May, three Democrats have already signaled they will run for governor if Inslee doesn’t: Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz and King County Executive Dow Constantine. The political dominos continue with Democratic candidates lining up to run for attorney general and lands commissioner if Ferguson and Franz end up not seeking re-election to their posts. 
A few Republicans have already announced plans to run for governor, including Phil Fortunato, a state senator, and Loren Culp, the police chief of Republic, in eastern Washington. A Republican has not occupied the governor’s office in more than three decades. 

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«Нафтогаз»: обсяг газу в ПСГ рекордний з 2012 року, закачування триває

Україна накопичила у підземних сховищах газу (ПСГ) станом на 21 серпня 17,4 мільярда кубометрів блакитного палива, що є найбільшим показником із 2012 року. Про це повідомила компанія-оператор газотранспортної системи «Укртансгаз», яка входить до НАК «Нафтогаз України».

«Всього до початку опалювального сезону необхідно накопичити в ПСГ не менш як 20 мільярдів кубометрів газу. Це дасть можливість Україні пройти наступний осінньо-зимовий період, навіть з урахуванням повної зупинки «Газпромом» транзиту з 1 січня 2020 року», – вказали в компанії.

«Укртрансгаз» припинив закачування блакитного палива вже на чотирьох (з десяти) підземних газосховищах у зв’язку із досягненням планових обсягів на 2019 рік – на Солохівському ПСГ, Червонопартизанському ПСГ, Пролетарському ПСГ, Краснопопівському ПСГ. Режим закачування триває на шести інших газосховищах у середньодобовому обсязі 75 мільйонів кубометрів», – додали в «Укртрансгазі».

Ризиком для України перед початком нового опалювального сезону є ймовірне припинення або суттєве скорочення російського транзиту газу через українську газотранспортну систему (ГТС) з січня 2020 року, коли завершується дія довгострокової угоди на транзит. Росія зможе вдатися до такого кроку, якщо запустить до кінця 2019 року газопровід «Північний потік-2». Переговори щодо нової угоди про транзит газу з використанням української ГТС нині тривають.

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Курс гривні: на міжбанку майже без змін

На українському міжбанківському валютному ринку не відбувається значних змін котирувань у парі гривня-долар. Торги 20 серпня завершилися на рівні 25 гривень 15–18 копійок за долар, станом на 12:00 котирування сягнули рівня 25 гривень 16–19 копійок, свідчать дані сайту «Мінфін».

НБУ опівдні оприлюднив довідкове значення курсу 25 гривень 23 копійки за долар, це відбиває зростання котирувань американської валюти на міжбанку в першу годину торгів 21 серпня. Офіційний курс на сьогодні становить 25 гривень 13 копійок.

На 1 серпня НБУ встановив найвищий за останні три з половиною роки курс гривні до долара – 25,02 за одиницю американської валюти.

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Економіка України в другому кварталі 2019-го зросла на 4,6% – Гройсман

Економіка України протягом другого кварталу 2019 року (тобто з травня по червень) зростала швидше, ніж будь-коли протягом останнього десятиліття – таку оцінку висловив прем’єр-міністр України Володимир Гройсман на засіданні уряду.

Підбиваючи підсумки роботи Кабінету міністрів під своїм головуванням, Гройсман назвав «дуже позитивними» показники економічного зростання.

«Ми маємо дуже позитивний сигнал зростання економіки в другому кварталі 2019 року –  4,6%. Це найвищий показник за останнє десятиріччя зростання економіки, дуже добрий сигнал. Але яке наше найголовніше завдання? Зробити зростання економіки сталим. Тобто від 5% до 7%», – сказав Гройсман.

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Він додав, що для сталого зростання економіці потрібні інвестиції, які, своєю чергою, залежать від легкості ведення бізнесу.

«Інвестиції приходять туди, де є відповідна легкість ведення бізнесу. І тому, коли країна була в 2014 році на 112-му місці, сьогодні в 2019 році по легкості ведення бізнесу – це індекс, який є дуже красномовним – ми вийшли на 71-е місце. Тобто ми піднялися на 41 позицію. Якщо наступний уряд зробить як мінімум те саме, що зробили ми, і підніметься ще на 41 позицію, ми увійдемо до топ-30 країн світу за легкістю ведення бізнесу», – заявив Гройсман.

В жовтні 2018 року Україна посіла 71-е місце в рейтингу легкості ведення бізнесу Doing Business. У цьому ж рейтингу за 2014 рік (укладеному восени 2013-го) Україна була на 112-му місці.

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Trump Considering Sullivan as Next US Envoy to Russia

U.S. President Donald Trump confirms that Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan “could very well be” his choice to be the next U.S. Ambassador to Russia. Trump answered a question from reporters at the White House Tuesday, after media reports said he intends to nominate Sullivan to be one of the most important and challenging U.S. ambassador positions.

Earlier this month, U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman submitted a letter of resignation after two years in his post, calling it a “historically difficult period in bilateral relations.” Huntsman leaves the job Oct. 3.

Sullivan has been Deputy Secretary of State since May 2017, after the Senate confirmed him by a resounding vote of 94-6. He briefly led the State Department in the period between former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s departure in March 2018 and Mike Pompeo’s swearing-in April 2018.  Sullivan is a lawyer with a long history of federal service, dating back to 1991.  He was also the chairman of the U.S.-Iraq Business Dialogue during the Obama administration.

Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan listens to President Donald Trump speak during a cabinet meeting at the White House, May 9, 2018, in Washington.

If nominated and confirmed, he would replace Jon Huntsman. In his resignation letter, Huntsman had some advice for his successor, saying, ‘Going forward, we must continue to hold Russia accountable when its behavior threatens us or our allies.’

Huntsman has served his country as an ambassador to Russia, China and Singapore under Democratic and Republican administrations, and as the governor of his home state of Utah. Some reports say he may be considering another run for governor there.

His departure comes at a time of a violent crackdown on anti-Kremlin protests, led by supporters of opposition party candidates barred from running for Moscow’s city council.

Russian police have detained more than 1,000 people in recent Saturday protests, and images of police beating citizens lying on the ground have captured global attention.

FILE – Jon Huntsman, U.S. ambassador to Russia, arrives at the security check point entrance of the White House in Washington, May 30, 2018.

In his resignation letter, Huntsman called on Russia to respect the rule of law and human rights. 

In the Oval Office with the Romanian President Tuesday, Trump said he would like for Russia to re-join the Group of Eight leading industrialized countries, which is now the G7.  Trump said:

“If somebody would make that motion, I would certainly be disposed to think about it very favorably.”

The decision to exclude Russia from the G-8 was made in 2014 by a majority of member countries after Russia’s annexation of Crimea. 

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It’s All About Presidential Memorabilia

Jim Warlick is a collector of political memorabilia, and the owner of White House Gifts, a souvenir store in Washington located across from the White House.  As many as 3,000 people a day visit the store to purchase presidential memorabilia, trinkets and other gifts.

Warlick’s father, a Democrat and a history buff, worked in politics, and in 1965, the family took a trip to the nation’s capital.

“I was in the eighth grade and I wanted to come see John Kennedy’s grave site. While I was here, I purchased a little John Kennedy bust. It’s the symbol of my first souvenir and I think that the Kennedy assassination really affected me into being aware of politics.”

Warlick grew up in a little town in North Carolina called Morgantown. He went to community college there then went to the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He dropped out of college four times to work on campaigns and travel with candidates.

“I went to Raleigh and got a job in the legislature working on a Senate Sergeant at Arms staff while I was in school, and I really like this fellow from Greensboro North Carolina who’d been chairman the first Civil Rights Commission, very progressive. And he decided to run for the Senate against Jesse Helms. And so, he asked me to come help in the campaign, and I lived with the Senator Smith and his family for a year,” he says.  “We didn’t stay in hotels when traveling, we stayed with people, because we wanted to hear what people in the community was saying. I learned from Senator Smith that you need to stay close and listen a lot.”

Warlick says he believed that he would end up being an advisor for a congressman or senator, but that didn’t happen.

In 1980, Warlick designed campaign buttons for President Jimmy Carter. Though he knew there was also a market for buttons for Carter’s opponent, Ronald Reagan, Warlick wouldn’t produce them. “I’m a Carter man,” he said.

“I went to the Republican convention in Detroit and sold campaign buttons on the street corner, making more money in one week than I did in a year working for the congressman,” says Jim Warlick. “So, I went back home and I said, ‘Congressman, I have to quit, because I’m traveling and seeing the country, and I want to sell buttons all over the country.’”

Warlick decided to expand his business, and in 1989, he opened a memorabilia shop in Washington called Political Americana.

“Bill Clinton used to come by,” Warlick says. “He would come into town for fundraisers and he would always stop by the kiosk and buy all my Truman buttons. He was a big Harry Truman fan, and collected memorabilia. Hillary used to buy buttons for him, too.”

Warlick produced and distributed buttons, posters, and stickers for the Clinton campaign in 1992 and 1996. In 2001, he began buying political artifacts: First Lady gowns; a limousine that President Kennedy used in Fort Worth, Texas, Kennedy’s shaving kit, and one of the pens Kennedy used to sign the Peace Corps Act. Then, there was the Boeing 747 that had been John Edwards campaign plane, and an Oval Office replica built by Warner Brothers.

“I have a great catalog of stories, books and collectibles,” says Warlick. “It’s a nonpartisan tribute to Presidential history.”

Warlick recently opened an ice cream shop named ‘Presidential Scoops.’ Located across from the White House Gift store, the shop offers 16 flavors, all named after different presidents.    

Warlick auctioned off his collection of airplanes and other items, to use the profits for a museum he is working to establish in his hometown in North Carolina.

The Worker’s Legacy Exhibition video player.

The Worker’s Legacy Exhibition Project

“The most important thing left for me to do now is a history museum dedicated to honoring mill workers, furniture workers, hosiery mill and textile workers. My mother worked in the hosiery mill. Named ‘The Worker’s Legacy Exhibition,’ it is going to tell the history of all the workers and what their life was like back then.” 

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